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About Us

Best Effort for
a Cup of Happiness, CUPFUL

The Easiest Way to Enjoy a Home Café

More Than a Special Taste

The CUPFUL Logo is comprised of a symbol which embodies a shape of a fully filled cup and RED color

which represents the identity of CUPFUL
It displays CUPFUL’s wishes and determination to become a popular beverage brand.
The shape of fully filled cup signifies a cup packed with great quality, high ingredient
content, and care and love, which is the core identity of CUPFUL.

RED, the main color choice of CUPFUL, maintains and reflects the brand identity,
and the modern and simple logotype represents the company’s image always faithful to the basics.
The color RED signifies reliable quality and solid technology of CUPFUL that meet the core values of customers,
and also embodies the company’s passion and commitment

to become a leading food-beverage powder manufacturer not only in Korea, but also in the global market.

CUPFUL will always seek the right way, and exert itself to grow as a reliable world brand

which never forgets its basics and cherishes fundamental values.